The Power of Chai

October 25, 2016

The Power of Chai

Chai is becoming one of the most commonly ordered tea beverages at coffee shops and they are our number ordered drink with new customers! Most often they are ordered as lattes but there is much, much more to the blend!

Commonly known as the national drink in India, Chai is a globally enjoyed beverage and still growing in popularity. It is a unique tea and everyone blends their chai a little different, we alone offer four different varieties. A traditional chai, like our Masala Chai is composed of a black tea base with 5 major spices: cinnamon, clove, cardamom, ginger, and black pepper. Other spices that are commonly found are aniseed, fennel, and other peppercorns. While Chai is best know for its spicy flavor, it is also known for its positive effects on the body.

The infamous Chai Latte! Chai can be prepared many different ways. Some people like it strong and spicy and will add very little to it, most add milk and sugar to make it a delicious treat! In India, it is common to bring a pot of milk up to a boil and then the spices are added to the milk and allowed to simmer for hours on end. This gives incredible complexity and fills the room with a wonderful spicy aroma. We use our smart tea maker and brew a strong cup with water and then do a 70/30 blend of tea and milk (hint: the heavier the fat content the creamier the texture)! But don't stop at just cow's milk, it is becoming very common to have it with vanilla soy, almond or coconut milks (one of my favorites)!

You cannot go wrong with sugar in this tea! It helps to soften the sharpness that can be experienced with all that spice, and will also help to bring out the sweet cinnamon that many enjoy, especially as it starts to get colder outside. If you like sweeter chai, Chai Rooibos is our best recommendation for you. It is naturally sweeter because we have added coconut, almond and cocoa nibs to the spice blend. This is why we use it as the base tea for our Frozen Chai Lattes!

So while you may have had a Chai Latte before, explore the world and try it from many different proprietors so you can find the one that is the absolute best!