About Us

 Infused Tea Company (formerly Hooker Tea Co.) began with a passion for tea and an idea to provide an alternative to the familiar and over saturated beverage market. Worldwide tea is the second most consumed beverage behind water.  In the U.S, no major venues existed where fresh, loose leaf tea was available.  As such, an idea was born and a mission to pass on our passion and devotion of quality tea to the public.

Now a staple to downtown St Petersburg, Infused Tea Company is owned and operated by Raymond Ritola. Raymond branched out to loose leaf tea looking for a healthier alternative to soda. Bagged teas just didn't have the flavors and ready to drink teas (RTD) have just as much sugar as soda (so it left little advantage to drink). Loose leaf tea provided the healthy alternative for him to transition into a healthier lifestyle while still enjoying the bold flavors that he was used to.   

We believe tea to be the next “it” product and surpass coffee in popularity as it offers health benefits and a unique experience.  Infused Tea Co. strives to be the company to show you how great tea can be!


Environmental Initiative

Raymond Ritola graduated college with a degree in Environmental Studies and while he is not directly immersed in the field of his major, he has done his best to reduce the carbon foot print of the store through different avenues.

First and biggest is with 90% of all the disposable (or "To Go") containers. We are Infused Tea go out of our way to offer Environmentally Friendly cups, bags, and silverware. Unfortunately, due to this we also take it on our own to endure the additional costs associated with taking this action. Due to that, this is why we try our best to offer in-house options and we do not give away unnecessary additional cups or containers. We appreciate your understanding with our efforts to reduce waste and better this world, one cup at a time. 

Secondly, if you have ever noticed, often our trash bags are green and white,this is not specifically because they are environmentally friendly but more so because prior to their used as a trash bag, they were once the liners that farmers used to prevent weeds from taking over their strawberries!

Our primary cleaners in the store are also environmentally conscientious. The base ingredient is Hydrogen Peroxide. This is a very effective cleaner but much less aggressive to our precious environment.

Last but not least, we try to keep the store lit with the coolest lighting (literally and figuratively) LEDs. This helps to keep the heat and electric consumption to a minimum which also helps to reduce the work our A/C units have to do during the hot summer months.

If you ever have any additional questions about our Environmental Initiatives, please ask!

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