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What people are saying about our tea...

Fantabulous and personalized
five stars

The Mate sampler in and of itself has a great deal of value and worth for the cost, but the packaging, shipping, and personal care just made it that more exciting to receive and enjoy the teas from Infused Tea Company! The additional benefit of NO artificial flavors, sweeteners, or other such "added" things in loose leafs teas that can appear in other companies, just made it that much better for me! Thanks for the speedy shipment and the love of tea that you all have!
- Sara

5 Stars
five stars

The Turmeric Ginger Rooibos is great. It also makes me feel good, too. I also ordered Dr. Feelgood, which is pretty damm awesome, and Mayan Mate. You have some great teas. We'll be back in St. Pete this March, so we'll be sure to stop by.
- Jane